Method Seven’s New Toy for Your Camera!

For the photographers out there, Method Seven has a surprise!

This is their new HPS lens filter that mounts onto a camera. Just like their eyewear, the lens color-balances the light and removes all strobing effects!

method-seven-grow-room-camera-lens-filter_3_1 method-seven-grow-room-camera-lens-filter_1_1_1



Find the M7 lens and more details at the Garden Spout!

Building a giant container using Rootbuilder II material

Building a giant container using Rootbuilder II Material from Garden Spout on Vimeo.

Unknown cactus macro photo

cactus small unknown

New Mutant San Pedro cuttings


San Pedro Cactus Cuttings

Peruvian Torch Cuttings unknown Tricocereus Cutting San Pedro cutting 3 San Pedro cutting Cacti cuttings 3 More cacti cuttings Cacti cuttings

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