Grow Zone Controls

Grow Zone cycle timer CY3

Not all cycle timers are the same! The CY3 from Grow Zone not only allows you to set different cycles for day and night it also has a countdown showing you where it is in the cycle. If you are using a normal cycle timer you set the intervals but when you walk into the room its impossible to know where in the cycle you are at. With the CY3 the blinking display lets you know exactly where in the cycle. For instance if you walk into your room and notice your plants are heavy… you can see that you just watered your plants… or conversely maybe you walk into your room see your plants are really dry and you are no where near the time you are scheduled to water. This information will allow you to know properly how to adjust your irrigation cycle. features include…
Controls any 120Vac equipment such as pumps or fans on a periodic repeat cycle.
Features day and night distinct cycles.
Displays time countdown on bargraph readout.
The ON duration spans from 5 sec to 60 minutes.
The OFF duration spans from 1 minutes to 12 hours.
ETL Listed


Grow Zone Controls HTC Climate and CO2 control

Grow Zone Controls HTC is the ultimate in climate and CO2 controls. It can control Temperature/Humidity/ and CO2 from one controller! An added bonus is the 24 hour log, this is something that is not commonly found on controllers in our industry.The 24 hr log will tell you the minimum, maximum, and average temperature,humidity and CO2 for every hour in the day! this is extremely useful info!
Check out the video users guide to learn how to program the HTC!


Grow Zone Controllers SCO2

SCO2Grow Zone controls makes the highest quality controllers and are all made in North America.
This easy to use CO2 controller determines precisely when to activate and shut-off CO2 generators to maintain user-defined LOW and HIGH CO2 values in the grow room. The unit can deactivate CO2 enrichment during the night cycle and perform CO2 evacuation as well. The CO2 sensor is located in the controller box.
ETL Listed.
Grow Zone Controllers give you the best quality controllers for the money!
Check out the Video below to see just how easy it is to use and program this Co2 controller